Honor your Heart, Saturday 17th February

Saturday 17th February, 10h-12h, 24€


We invite you to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, by participating in a workshop to ‘Honor your Heart’.

We will gather together to create a space for reflection, gratitude and joy.

Throughout the 2 hour workshop, we will do asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathwork), mantra, dharana (concentration), and writing to explore our relationship with ourselves and to invite forgiveness, gratitude and joy.

I ask that all participants please send me the title and artist of one dance song.

Guided in English


Workshop with Elizabeth Rubin 

Elizabeth is a mother, teacher and artist.  She is focused on exploring yoga as a healing modality and creating spaces that are accessible for all people.  She trained as a Hatha yoga teacher in New York City with Hathavidya and Bread and Yoga.  Currently, she is doing training in Energy Medicine Yoga with Rose Fitzgerald in the United States.

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