Standing pose sequences

In Vinyasa krama yoga practice there are three major standing sequences. Each one has its own charm and challenges.  The tadasana sequence is very comprehensive routine, working on the major joints and muscles.There is a certain nicety about the sequence involving simple to involved vinyasas and asanas.  According to my Guru this sequence helps to align the chakras in the body and is perhaps the best sequence to start one’s practice and it helps to first normalize the body. The various arm movements actually help to open up the chest. The trikonasana series with such asanas as Trikonasana, Virabhadrasana etc affords using the major joints and muscles in a very powerful and graceful manner. Prasiratapadottanasana and samakonasana may be considered as extensions of this sequence.

I have written earlier about the poses requiring balancing on one leg, which may be termed as Tapas poses. This sequence requires considerable focus or ekagrata while practicing and does help to bring a sense of balance not only to the body but also the mind. There are quite a few poses and vinyasas and some of them are quite challenging.

It helps to develop attention and patience.

Srivatsa Ramaswami, Dec. 2010